The Workout

1. Warm Up

At HIT45 you will be warmed up by our professional trainers using a mix of cardio, body weight, and flexibility exercises. We'll get you nice and warmed up and ready to smash the workout before you know it!

2. Cardio

We use self powered, environmentally friendly treadmills to get your heart rate up. These treadmills have resistance and will burn 30% more calories than any other cardio machine. Throughout the class, it is mostly interval training that helps torch fat and increase your fitness levels. You will always have rest and can set your own running pace but we'll push you!

3. Strength Training

Using a variety of free weight dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls and body weight, you will be taken through a variety of exercises aimed at increasing your muscular endurance and strength. Ladies, fear not if you think you’re going to bulk up, you won’t! We’ve also got very heavy weights for those who want to push themselves and get that pump on!

4. Stretch

As you know, stretching is very important to help with workout and recovery. We take a good 5 minutes after the workout to cool you down and stretch you out. You will feel energised and ready to tackle the day!