The Studio

The main studio is where all the magic & sweat happens! Decked out with high grade treadmills, weights and other equipment, let the HIT45 dream team (each with a different training style) put you through your paces and inspire you to smash your workout.
We’ve also got showers, towels, lockers, changing rooms, toilets. We have everything you need — all you need to bring is your can-do attitude!

Environmentally Friendly Treadmills

At HIT45, our one-of-a-kind Green Jog Treadmills are great for the environment and the body. Self-powered, they burn 30% more calories and are 80% lighter on your joints, mimicking outdoor running in a more accurate way. Come try them out and see for yourself!


HIT45 extends beyond just the studio and the workout. Our community members are what drive us and make the place so special.
What better family is there than your fit fam!

Refuel - Protein Bar

It’s important to refuel after a high intensity workout.
We've got you covered with our menu of protein shakes -refresh and rebuild with customized shakes. Order your shake before class and have it ready after class.