The Studio

The main studio area is where all the sweat happens! Let the thumping tunes, spirited instructors, and striking lights motivate you. See and feel results right away in an energetic environment where every class feels new, fun, and exciting. Our sleek studio is also decked out with high grade equipment while our floor design utilises steps to encourage comprehensive strength training!

Environmentally Friendly Treadmills

At HIT45, our one-of-a-kind Green Jog Treadmills are great for the environment and the body. Self-powered, they burn 30% more calories and are 80% lighter on your joints, mimicking outdoor running in a more accurate way. Come try them out and see for yourself!


We’ve got showers, towels, lockers, changing rooms, toilets. We have everything you need — all you need to bring is your can-do attitude!

Cafe / Protein Bar

It’s so important to refuel with protein after a high intensity workout. Your protein shake will be made for you immedeitely after class! With flavours like Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla Almond Crunch, Red Velvet, Chocolate Coconut (Vegan), Berry, and much more….who wouldn't love a good healthy shake?! Come try one! Alternatively, we also have coffee so any and all should come and hangout with us.